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  • Christian Counseling
  • Biblical Studies
  • Christian Education
  • Christian Leadership
  • Master’s Degree
  • Doctorate of Ministry

Students should possess the following educational credentials:

A High School Diploma or equivalent is required for the Associate and Bachelors program. A Bachelors Degree or equivalent from an approved institution is required for the Masters program. A Masters Degree or equivalent from a approved institution is required for the Doctoral program.  
•     Offering a Bible-based program with emphasis on dynamic leadership.
•     Providing a learning environment integrated within the local church and for the local church. 
•     Providing quality educational opportunities at a cost within reach of the average person.
•     Offering Bible-college degree programs for ministry students.
•     Providing short-term continuing education seminars for advanced training.
We believe that the Number One need in the Body of Christ is globally minded Christian leaders. Great leaders influence society, bring about reformation, and chart the course of history. Our mission is to train, equip, and mobilize great Christian leaders around the world, who will make disciples for Christ and help to bring in His Kingdom. 
​Certificate Program  
BI 101 Spiritual Fundamentals
BI 102 Prayer and Fasting
BI 103 Gifts of the Holy Spirit
BI 104 New Testament Ministry
PT 105 Spiritual Warfare
PT 106 Ministry of Deliverance
PT 107 Christian Ethics
PT 110 Knowing God’s Will
PT 117 Excellence in Ministry
PT 121 Life Management

Associate Degree  
BI 110 Old Testament Survey
BI 201 New Testament Survey
PT 122 Christian Life
PT 123 Evangelism I
PT 150 God’s Authority in the Believer
PT 201 Christian Leadership
PT 202 Pastoral Ministry
PT 209 Faith Dynamics
PT 205 The Healing Covenant
PT 207 Systematic Theology
Classes are held at Fivestones Church - 
Annex Cherokee Campus


Lectures are Tuesday 7:00 - 9:00 pm
Accredited Bible College under the 
Worldwide Accrediting Commission